My husband is like an excited little puppy when we have sex. He doesn't even get it in and he's already ***. I never get mine. It hurts my feelings. Then if I tell him no later that day or the next day, he gets really mad. It makes me feel cheap and used.
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My husband is the same way. Wham bam thank you ma'am! I've talked to him about it but it's still his way or nothing

I feel for you. Mine takes forever to get hard and when he does he's finished within a minute. I've been married for over ten years and he still can't get it right. Hope you have better luck.

Have u ever heard of oming , I get turned on giving my partner 15 min of that total female organism . Guys must learn that the girls want more than just to *** and leave her high and dry .
I feel for u not having a decent session , try mastabate him to *** and then have sex a bit later .

My gets like this sometimes. I usually have to make him *** then when we have sex later on he lasts longer. But we don't have sex every day, he will do that too. I've often cried after sex because I totally felt the same way. Used and cheap. They just don't get it sometimes

Omg... Damn yeah that's a tough one. Just keep on practicing sex & his endurance will improve.