I genuinely don't love myself. I mean I put on a facade and try like everyone else. But I don't, not really. I have good moments, but is everyone else struggling with this? A weariness of our personality or character.
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definitely. . People think I have it all together but underneath there is a serious void!

There are a lot of things about myself I wish I could change.

Yes, I feel it's because we hold ourselves to a higher standard.

alot of people, including myself, are struggling with the same issue... hi :D

I couldnt agree more....I have messed up my life in the last year n 5 months so bad I truly feel there is no coming back.....I have one wish n if it came true I feel as if I would be able to do anything......w/o it coming to fruition I'm just lost and floating thru life not caring what happens. What can u do....its life

I experience the same damn thing every single ******* day, its annoying but you can get through it 😀

yeap, I relate too.. And it seems to be getting more and more easy to find more people who're growing more and more open about self-care and such.. I haven't found much in way of helping me motivate and practice self-care and self-love, but it is easier to accept myself.. and it helps to know many struggle with the same. Recent tragedies and media are adding more and better discussions too. It's been too taboo and too suppressed for too long. Hopefully new steps and strides are beginning, such as right here.

Hmmmm. It's strange when people tell us to love ourselves. How?

I guess doing things that used to make us happy

that's THE question.. i try to start by making myself remember, first, to just be gentle. it's like i'm a child again, in those moments. that can be too humbling for a grown man to say too.. but i won't get anywhere if I'm beatin myself up. so gentleness first. listening to self. listening to the feelings. somethings been suppressed and hidden away. that child needs to feel safe enough to peak out, and see if there's anyone they can trust again. hopefully you can learn to earn that trust again. patiently. i dunno.. I can ramble forever about it.. but it doesn't resonate with everyone. hopefully something like that starts to work for you?


Same here..I don't even know how to or where to start "loving" myself