I feel empty on the inside. No matter what I do I'm always rejected and I'm always last. The people I call friends talk to me, but when we get in public they leave me for the others that they call friends. I've tried to get a girlfriend, but when I talk to them their eyes are filled with disgust as they look at me. They say we're too close of friends, but they don't talk to me at all unless I talk to them first. I don't even know why I wake up each morning. It's always the same. I wish I could close my eyes and sleep forever.
Spirex Spirex
18-21, M
3 Responses Aug 20, 2014

Don't worry about those girls...They are just acting their age.Things will change as you get older, there will be a lot of new kinds of people to meet esp if you travel. I would concentrate on school or things you are good at. That's what really matters.. Concentrate on doing things you love,appreciating your family, pets and youth plus if you make a lot of money in the future. Those same kind of girls will be begging to talk to you and you can decide whether you even want to talk to them!


I hope:)

I'm gonna try not to compare you to me because that's boring and stuff, but if you ever need friends you have at least me.

no homo, but dammit, this made me wanna hug you, anything I could do to cheer you up :(... Been here before man. Trust me. You aren't alone. I just hate feeling incapable of helping someone through a situation that I have been in...

Thanks man