every night when my mum comes home after work she'll always be shouting at me and my lil brother over minor things. never in a day you'll not see her shouting in our ears and expecting us to be her 'slaves', such as retrieving stuff for her. this morning she shouted at me because i was running late for school. i can fully understand that but i didn't know what came through my mind then, i got so pissed i frown and glared at her for scolding me and as a result she got really mad and didn't talk to me till night. sometimes i just wonder where the problem lies between us that since i turned 12, every single time i just can't seem to communicate smoothly with her. we'll always end up being pissed at each other or me being caned. did i change, or did she?
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she is tired, and needs help, not slave, she is older give her a little understanding and you will see the difference.

Your mom is just stressed out, she didn't change maybe works not going all to well.. My mom and dad are sometimes the same way to me. But they give me a roof and a place to sleep. Without them I wouldn't have clothes a roof over my head anything to be exact.. Your mom loves you she's just having a rough time probably.