This hunger. Fills everything.
This hunger. Threatens me.
This thirst. Brings insanity.
This thirst. Attempts to hold me.
This heart. Was shattered inside me.
Her love. Taken, leaving me empty.
Her lies. How did I not see?
My life. Please? Return to me. I don't want to drown in hatred and uncertainty. Let me live, and love. Let Me Be!

Wish, wish, wish. Say it fast enough and it sounds like SWISH.. That's all a wish is. Air passing by unconcerned with your hopes, dreams, needs, or wants. :-/
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The old saying is "the problem with this world is we all just want to be Loved" I wore my heart on my sleeve for years and It took me years to learn this: I've had enough broken hearts in my life and I have been in enough recycled relationships to which I will never live my life through or walk in the shadows of another person. I've been in relationships where, As soon as the person doesn't meet My expectations I get hurt, I still make that stupid mistake from time to time. I couldn't concentrate on my Job because this person filled my heart and every thought, I've lost jobs over this. It is the same as drugs and alcohol, an addiction. It has the same effect of being high and I oughta know, I was an alcoholic for years and I've been sober for 20 plus years now. It does not mean I cannot Love and Sacrifice for someone. It does not mean I cannot show empathy, sympathy and compassion for humanity, It just means I don't need so much from someone that I put that someone so high up on a pedestal, I can no longer see them. This sort of thing was bad enough 20 plus years ago for me but This is even more important today as people are becoming more shallow and impersonal in relationships because of this warp speed, techno crazy world we now live in. If you don't learn to control and master your need to feel Loved and appreciated, your need, your feelings and emotions, They will control and master you and that is not a good thing. Need is not a good thing just ask the impoverished all around the world. I hope this helped.


"Ohh?" That makes it sound like you have personal feelings on my words.