I've been with my fiance for 2 yrs now & living with him for 1 yr everything was beautiful we was the happiest couple & everyone wanted a relationship like we had..We desided to make the biggest move so we could start a new beautiful life together & once we get back on feet we planned to get married! After a couple of months living in our new home my fiancé met a new male friend which is cool but turns out to be this man smokes a lot! Now my fiancé has a smoking buddy & smokes more & more! I feel we have been drifting apart,ever since he made this new friend & smoking all the time & now when he comes home he always gets nasty to me & his step kids like he doesn't love us anymore.. He doesnt spend quality time with me & kids anymore since he met new friend... I've tried talking to him about how I feel but it doesn't get better he gets mad then we argue to extreme :-( we don't communicate like we used too no more I don't need the fights.. I truly don't want to lose this man he once was but I believe this man I fell in love with got lost along the way once he met his new friend.. I am alone in my thoughts & very sad I can't talk to him anymore.. He used to show me more respect & love than this.. Is this a sign for me to move on? I truly don't want to let him go he is a big part of my kids.. I just don't know what to do anymore...Any suggestions?
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Aug 22, 2014