Ever since I was little I have always been passionate and ambitious. I told my family that I wanted to be a zoologist and they laughed in my face, literally. They said it was a dumb career choice and I was stupid for even thinking it. You see all of my siblings and cousins have stayed in my home town except for me and my cousin. My family wants me to stay home get good grades and marry a white boy. That is the complete opposite of me!!! Ever since middle school they put so much pressure on me to be " perfect " like my older sister. All they do is compare me to her I get A's and B's but that isn't good enough. As for staying home, I want to go study and live in Australia, I live in Tx. My family is super judgy, your clothes, grades and attitude. They want me to marry a prefect white boy, uhhh excuse me that is my choice. Now I've had enough and want to move out as soon as I turn 18. My dad always tells me I'm worthless and not good at anything. I was actually diagnosed by a doctor that I had depression but my family said I was being dramatic and need to grow up......
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To be a zoologist takes a lot of knowledge and passion. and if your family doesn't see that you are full of that try and find really supportive friends. It can be tough but if you really want to move out at 18 make sure you have a plan and a healthy way to support yourself. I wish you the best

Thanks I already have a job and I'm in early graduate school