For the last two years I've been hungry, hungry for love hungry for someone to feel the same way as me. Where is that person. Do these people even exists?! Things in life get thrown at you, you take them and try to succeed.. Do you succeed to the amount you've wanted no? My answer no. Doing things alone becomes regular. When someone shows an interest you think the world of them, but soon after that world comes crashing down and you build up this wall, the same wall you had up but decided to let someone get closer to you when in fact they just bring you more disappointment then happiness!
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There are people like that and you will find them one day. I will not tell you that you will not have bad relationships because you will. I am still not done having my bad relationships followed by disappointment. Just try to have some hope if you can but regardless I will hope for you.

You have to let go of all this. You need food, you need warmth, you need shelter and yes you need love but not this sort. You need to love yourself, the hardest person to love. Then when you are comfortable in your own skin, your own surroundings, you have let go of your needy ways then you will know what it is that you really want, not need want. A gentle desire a soft wish and it will come floating on the wind. I am not talking as some guru who knows it all. You know all of this you have heard it a hundred times before and in your heart you know it is true but that first step of loving yourself is like a mountain to climb. Furthermore I am not there myself I am probably about where you are that is why I am writing this. You take care and just remember you are amazing and beautiful and such good company that why don't you spend a really nice day with yourself. Take care

I'm so sorry that's happened I agree with what was said and am in the same boat

Let us all do something today that is just for us. Not trying to please or gain attention or affection just for us. Let us let go of the yearning for a day.