Is it wrong that im still seeing my ex?..
We were together for 3 years. On and off. He broke up w/ me most the time but the last one was me. There was no cheating in the relationship. We were just arguing all the time for nonsense reasons. I broke up with him last oct. We didnt talk for months. Then we started talking again and seeing each other.. He was my first and only bf. he didnt go out with anyone else too when were broken up. Not even sleep with other ppl.

Im confused cause idk if its good for me to still see him. I care a lot about him. But im not sure if i love him. I dont feel happy when im with him. I just feel kind of contented if it makes sense. Im probably just used to him? In that 3 yrs there was a situation where i tried to end my life and ended up in hospital where he didnt even visit me.. I was having family problems and he broke up with me. It was too much but ive learned and ill never do it again.
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My relationship is exactly same... We are together from last 4 years.. Idk I love him but I m not sure about him he loves me too but I feel he doesn't care about me :(

Awww i know :(

He's not the one for you. You know it in your heart already but it is so much easier to be content than alone! I got into a relationship once with a man much older than I am. I loved him deeply as a friend. I cared about him and enjoyed spending time with him, but at the time anytime not with him was spent alone. Being alone was harder for me than being with the wrong person. He is an amazing man and I pray for the best for him but we went our separate ways. I needed to be with someone whose concern and love for me was on the same level as mine for them. I know everyone handles bad situations in different ways and no two people will get along perfectly all the time. When one side of a relationship needs a little more support the other person is supposed to be there. When you were in the hospital your ex couldn't even come check on you?! I hate hospitals...I watched my sister waste away in one for four years! But if I even had a friend in the hospital who was in such distress that they tried to take their own life!! The nurses would have to remove me after visiting hours. I pray for you that you find new connections with friends, family and a guy that dotes on you! Someone to support you, count on you because you count on them, and just be your counter part! I'm sure he's a good guy. But you need a GREAT AWESOME SEXY AMAZING boyfriend, that doesn't once break up with you because he never wants to loose you! Feel free to message me anytime! Best of luck to you!