What Is Love ? Like I Swear I Really Don't Know What Is It , I See It && Mimic It But I Never Feel It. Never Loved My Exs I Was Only With Them For Sex && Then Left When I Got Tired Of Them , I'm Very Manipulative I Can Make People Think I Really Do Care For Them When I Don't , I See Everybody As Just A Obstacle Or Opportunity && Im Really Conniving Like Son I Can't Even Help It , It's Driving Me Insane Because I Never Chose To Be This Way Like WTF IS WRONG WITH ME
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Love is patient love is kind love never knows no boundaries you have to love yourself before you can love others I really really hope you find the girl of your dreams someone that you will love eternally and grow old together gracefully someone who understands you inside and out someone who will be your soul mate and someone who you can have a beautiful family with everyone deserves love and happiness :)

I can so relate to you! I am the same and I feel cold sometimes. I can make others fall in love with me easily like they never did before but It's hard for me to truly feel in love with them. I don't know what's wrong with me. Am I not capable of feeling in love? or am I just so afraid of rejection that I block the feeling of love?. This is something to think about. But right now, I'm scared, coz I feel something deep with someone who stopped contacting me as often as before. and it hurts me for the first time. this could make or break me even worst. I just hate feeling the pain. I hate it.

You have to connect more with your heart,& say things which are true. You should respect that people have hearts around you & they don't want to feel used. Many people can be like you , but is better if you understand love & don't copy it.

I know it sounds trite, but you've got to look at your parents. I think I am somewhat like you. Took me years to realize that my parents just did not know how to love me. Ppl need to be shown how to love. We all have the capacity, but we have to be shown how to do it. If not, we will try to get that live we needed as children the rest of our lives.

I mean the LOVE we needed as children...not live.