I recently lost my virginity a couple of months ago. It started out good the guy was my Bestfriend. I looked at him as a brother and I really loved him and he is older than me. He was telling me things like I wanna be with you and everything but me I just shrugged it off and then I just thought I trusted him and I really wanted him so things happened and even after that he was still chasing behind me while I was keeping him at arms length. Until I fell inlove with him and that's when I noticed him drifting away :/ and now we DNT bearly talk at all and when we do he DNT be interested. I feel like he used me for my emotional connection but when he got it he didn't want it and now I'm just depressed, emotional, hurting all day and I CNT stop thinking bout him even though I try really hard to. He was the only person who love me ... Well atleast I thought so and now I feel more lonely then ever and I'm starting to have anxiety attacks and panic attacks cuz I'm alone.
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I know its not easy, because losing your virginity is something really big in a girls life. But keep strong, its going to hurt like hell right now but I guarantee you that life goes on. You will find somebody who loves you. For everything you are worth.

It's good that you chose someone with whom you feel you had an emotional connection to.
Sometimes. Afterwards you/he might wonder if it was such a good idea to have sex with a friend. Does that alter your friendship? Could it work going from best friend to lovers?
Do you now expect different things from each other?
Many of us regret the person we lose our virginity to. But the truth is that finding love is a quest that we all go on. And let's be brutally honest. Few of us would be truly happy living our lives with the person we lost our virginity to.
So. Be sad if you want. But not for too long. There's a whole world full of guys out there who would treat you like you are the very woman they want.

Look at your drivers license and throw some cold h20 on your face.

I am gonna find someone who can love...

Just try to forget about him he's not worth your time