I need to be loved and appreciated.. We all do..
I need people who DO understand me.. who DON'T let me down. I need them .. but they also need me.
Everyone feels unloved at some point ... why?! it has no use! Everyone is perfect on the inside, and thats all that matters in love right!! The inside matters ... not the outside~!!~!!
Just talk to me about anything.. everything. I can help you with your struggles, and you may also be able to help me with my struggles. because everyone needs to be loved and appreciated!!!***^^^!!!
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I am looking for a job of project that I can work at a internetional company. I am struggling to have an interview frist. Could you please help me?

I wish people in my life felt this way. :/

well said !!!

Your right everyone should feel love and appreciate for who they are and for wats inside rather than the outside. Yea every has struggles happening in they're life. Is important to talk about the struggle with someone ,so if u need to talk I'm here for u if u want my help.

Well, Great . everyone needs this. But it depends on what ways you want to choose.

I've had thee worst luck with guys. And I feel like side chick of the year because of them. I'm 18 years old and I've never even had a boyfriend because every time I start "talking" to a guy I later find out that he has a girlfriend and has had one the entire time we've been talking (which is usually a month or more) the closets to a boyfriend that was just mine that I've had was four months ago and me and him literally just stopped talking. One day he just didn't text me and I just didn't text him and that one day turned into weeks, and now he back with his ex girlfriend. All this bad luck that I've been having makes me feel like trying is a lost cause. I'm in college and I see cute guys all the time but I feel like it's pointless to even try to talk to them because it seems like it's just never going to work, no matter how much I want it too

wow... I feel so sorry for you!! I bet you are a great person!! a beautifull girl!! And don't stop trying! Let me tell you something oke? I never had a boyfriend either oke? and I would love to have one .. someday. I tried so many times but they .. or already had a girlfriend (which is the same as in your story) or they just thought I was too much like a guy.. I may look like I'm very girly.. but I'm not at all.. and because of that boys think I'm one of the guys.
I hate being called a tomboy... but I just am...
But one thing is sure.. I´ll never stop searching for the right guy, because I know he´s somewhere out there waiting for me.
And the same for you, somone is waiting for you out there... and loves you with whole his heart. just go on and never give up! You are a beautifull girl and you'll find the right one

Don't dwell in things that don't matter. Your young and have the world ahead of you. Look after yourself first and foremost. Look after your education because believe me if you have great education it also brings great opportunities. Before you know it you will find a guy who will want you when you least expect it.

That is a great message.

Thanks! I'm very glad to hear that :D And to be honest i agree $$ *not to be like uhh selfish :p*

It is a great message. But the world is not that easy to handle not for everyone.

I know.. I understand

So what are your struggles? What are your fears?

well I lost my best friend a month ago, she died because she had cancer at different places in her body. She didnt even knew it. She knew it for about half a year now.. but there was nothing they could do to stop it or to remove it.. they could only slow the process down if she came earlier... because the places where the cancer was were fatal places...

so yeah... thats kindof my struggle. I lost my best friend that day, and I will never forget how happy she was. even the days before she died. she Always kept smiling like there was nothing wrong with her.

My fears were that I would lose my best friend, and I did...

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"Everyone feels unloved at some point...". Not bait, narcissism does have its benefits. Everyone loves bait, most just don't know it yet.