From a question somebody posted today:

Q: Give me ONE reason why you're worthy to be fought for?

My answer:

Because once I've made up my mind that I want you, I'll stick around through the tough parts. Because if you're honest with me and give me the information I need, I am willing to do anything in my power to help you. Because you have to do something pretty terrible to make me give up on you (or the same less-terrible thing about 100,000 times.) Because I'm smart, can be funny at times, and look ******* awesomely good for 50 - even if I do say so myself. And finally - because I am all about having FUN!! (In bed or out of it.) If I really want a guy and he doesn't fight to keep me, he's a goddamned fool.
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7 Responses Sep 23, 2014

Fight for what you want! Grab it and don't let it get away :)

wow what a great answer, I think I love you already. I would definitely fight to keep you.

love your story ! like you I love my self but for some reason i get these idiot men who would love to see me hating my self instead! the same way they hate on me and themselves.

That's such a stupid thing to say. You're unhappy about the state of their love life - so these jackasses tell you, "It's all your own fault I because you don't love yourself! It will never get better until you love yourself." Meanwhile - they don't even know you - they don't know your circumstances - and they never define what "loving yourself" would look like. I call bullshit on people who say, "You don't love yourself."

I have finally discovered that once you learn to love yourself you can take control of your life :)

Great Job my friend. You are worth fighting for.

Because you're also kind, funny, generous, loving and giving and only a fool wouldn't do everything in his power to hold on to you.

Oh, that's sweet. [blushes]

You rock!!! Great attitude.

I shouldnt have to supply a reason- If you think I am worth fighting for, you will have your reason. If you dont think I am worth fighting for, no reason I give will be good enough.

Interesting question...