Did you ever think that it is possible to sleep with someone without having a physical relation? Just laying there, talking for hours about how we feel, what we love, memories etc.
Just enjoying to be with someone.
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Yes I have a female friend like that. She's quite a bit younger than me but we used to work together and we just really hit it off. We don't 'sleep' together but we have shared a bed and a sofa a few times and talked and talked. It's nothing that my friends understand but it's pretty wonderful. Possibly because it's not complicated. When I'm in her city my favourite thing is to drink tea and talk with her.

It's possible... rare, but possible. That sort of situation could possibly come about somewhere down the line if you were dating someone. Else you might have to be stranded in the desert and be aching for human companionship, and just luck out by finding someone marginally unattractive. Drop me a line.


It sure sounds like a rare moment of deep connection and intimacy but I think sleeping with someone must involve a sexual experience.

Absolutely! 100%

Yes and I have done it

Possible yea but after a while a guys gonna wanna put it In.

It's definitely possible. Just not too common.


I would love to find someone to do that with.