So.... i'm sad, confused, annoyed.
I believe i'm good looking, smart, interesting, attractive, fun but all of that beliefs vanish whenever I go out. It is always the same story, it happens if i'm alone or with my besties or with my cousin, at a party, reunion, night club... EVERY F*** TIME.
It happened today.
So.. I went to a party with whom I consider my best female friend. I didn't even try to hard while i was dressing up, I did a cute make up, hair "au natural", I felt pretty, I felt sexy, I was happy. We arrived to the party and I noticed some guys, i believe they noticed me too, as the nigh went on the "curse" began. I was introduced to this guy and I felt attracted to him, he was good looking but apparently not at all interested in me, i kept trying to make conversation but nothing happened he kept finishing every topic you know, i just assumed he was an introvert.. then I was introduced to this other guy, really "artsy" type. We started chatting, he was nice and I introduced him to my friend, you know just to be nice, we all started chatting..suddenly I notice the first guy I was introduced to chatting with a girl, all happy and smily, not at all like he behaved when he was with me I immediately asked myself "Why???" I mean i was better looking than the girl he was talking to.
My friend had to leave the party early so I was left at the party alone. I started trying to make conversation with the people i was introduced to but it just didn't flow. I gave another try with the first guy and didn't flow either he actually used the "uhmm im going to the bathroom" excuse and of course he escaped away from me. So I ran into the artsy guy and we start getting along, and laughing etc.. till he says " you know i really like your friend, wow, she is amazing, i hope to see her again"... puff that totally made me feel like "the ugly friend" or I don't know... i don't even feel ugly but then this type of situations keep happening to me. Nobody ever seems to like me. At parties or night club or whatever my friends,cousins etc always are asked to dance, or someone buys them a drink but never to me. NEVER
I always end up feeling like a third wheel or alone pretending to look at my phone when nobody is actually sending me texts.
No one feels attracted to me and I swear i am a nice person. I smile, i arrive feeling confident and leave feeling like ****. Every time.
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Well first of all you're not ugly. And second of all those guys loss. If I had been at the party went had a great conversation. Those guys are just weird

I doubt I'll contribute anything that hasn't already been said or suggested. Here I go anyway. Have faith in yourself. I understand the anguish you express in your story. I used to feel like the odd person out all the time, and still do to this day. It's someone else who gets all the attention, or be captivating. The best advice I can give is to continue being yourself. You will attract the right people to you by doing so. If anything, the responses you've had to your post proves that you're far from alone in this experience.

it happens to most of us. I believe beauty is on eyes. I can discuss more about this and share my experiences. Don't let just two guys eyes let you down lady. cheer up !!

It isn't always about your looks. You can't be perfect for every person you ever meet. We all have different tastes. This is less about you and more about them. You have put on your your pretty face for you, no one else. You have smile and be happy because you like to smile and like to be happy. You have to find the confidence to be who you are. When you find that right attitude, the right person for you will come crawling after you.

I'm here if you want to talk :)

I understand exactly how you feel! This happens to me over and over. I have a college degree, a good job and I'm always told how sexy and beautiful I am. I'm loyal, honest and caring but it's always "the other girl" that ends up with the guy. She could be unattractive, unemployed and have 5 kids with 3 different men but she's still the one he will pick.

My zodiac sign is Scorpio and after reading some of the characteristics, it fits me perfectly. We are emotionally intense, ambitious creatures. I think some guys aren't able to deal with it or may feel intimidated.

lol!!! if i could id triple heart this!!! you know exactly what i mean and how i feel!!!!

You know hopefully you live someplace where the pool is big enough to just keep on saying 'next!'

how we believe we look is not how other people see us ask a friend to be honest with you. if you are stunning that may put guys off to that your whay to good for them

at least you have a bff

well... she did left me alone at that party so... lol

Il appreciate u

Perhaps your friend gave off vibes she was sexually available, the same thing used to happen to me.

you gave the vibes or your friend did?

No. I dressed more appropriately and came across as someone who wasn't easy. She was layered in makeup and looked up for it.

i think i never give any vibes... I've tried dressing an undressing and it never works.. im always the invisible one.

yeah i think my body language is saying more than i think... not sure if it is saying shy and insecure or "im aggressive... and i don't want to talk to anyone" wish somebody told me exactly what to do.

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