over worked and under appreciated wife/mother but i bet there is many out there who feel the same! Why cant men just shut up and listen!
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You just haven't found the right man. And I'm the right man to lesson to you 😃

I have a husband and 3 boys some days I feel bad about the thought they could turn out like their dad. He's not a horrible man but I can ask him not to do something a thousand times yet he still does it... he isn't affectionate I hope they grow up to be affectionate men...

What do you WANT? A MIRACLE???

Feel exactly the same way, scarsofrelief! It's like I'm not even seen.

I go through it every single day

With the mind frame of "shut up & listen" can make anyone not want to listen. Men for the most part are problem solvers, we listen & find a solution. If neither one of you (in the relationship) is willing to bend a little to find a common ground you both will be miserable as long as you're together.

Many men don't understand that hearing ur woman is not the same as listening. Otherside of that coin, women tend to forget that talking isn't the same as communication.

My mum said this to us once

Stay at home dad and fell same way then no intimate times together with wife

yep exactly!

frankly, if your husband doesn't appreciate the mother of his children then he's not a good husband. set him straight or see him off

To me its easier sad then done! I don't want my kids growing up without a father figure i was raised in a home that believed u married once and deal with the consequences i have thought about it but have just been to afraid.

absolute nonsense, marriage is a contract taken by 2 people, when someone breaks that contract the other party pulls out. It's a harsh reality I'm afraid. its noble of you to put your childrens well being above your own, but at the end of the day kids adapt, and some of the strongest people i know have come from divorced families. I'm not saying just do it, try and work out. But there's always the option!

sorry said then done

Because women are difficult, when you do listen and try to give them advise, they get even more upset, you sit there and listen but don't say anything and they still get upset. Which one is it?

LOL based upon my own circumstances i could say the same thing.

Thank you haljordanx, there needs to be more love and support in this world!

there are ...