I'm so unappreciated and disrespected in my home, I just want to scream😕
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I'm sorry to hear that, need to talk about it?

im on the opposite side of your relationship ! Angelkins ! ; l was and am the consumet gentleman and lover. we talked about marriage. til l walked in to a local pub and she had some guys tongue down her throat, after she told me she was sick ! WTF ? LOL now ~!

Let it out!

Oh dear who didnt give any respect or appreciate what you are ?

I'm not sure what the exact issue is....but my Dad and brother really underappreciate my mom and sometimes disrespect her...ticks me off and of course sometimes I get mouthy about it....Mom finally started speaking her mind but that usually just carries into a "na na na na" session...for isntatnce today; dad had some money on the table....he couldnt find it so he accused mom of moving it and not remembering...bla bla bla bla...he went on and on...well sure enough it was on the table...but he had covered it up with some papers this morning...not only did he accuse her of moving and not remembering but he didnt have enough since to look under the papers aaaaaand do ya think she got an apology....UUHH NOOO! I dont have the answer for ya sweet lady...but just know you're not the only one so it's not you....it's just most men in general......you're in my prayers.

awww....thank you....she is a very special lady and I know she would appreciate that very much....thank you for such a sweet gesture.

make them do things for themselves......if it is kids. Husbands are a piece of work...

Dont know what it is abt certain men yet they dontbseecwhatbis necessary...my story on annoying brats...says all

Same here!

If you need a friend and someone to vent to feel free to add me

First let me say that counseling is not answer to every problem, but it might be helpful if you had an objective person to talk with and get support in dealing with your family. Best wishes in getting what you need to cope with your situation.

Do you have an adolescent? I do, so I know how you feel!

Then move on.

You definitely shouldn't feel that way at home. Wish I could help.

Just do it!

Just scream and get everyone's attention.