Why can't men be open with their feelings like women are? Just let us know how you feel so that we won't have to guess.
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Some guys are like this one. Some of us get down or giddy and share feelings. What do you want to know?

There are men that are open with their feelings, I should know I'm one of them ;)

I am ! Open with my feelings ,
But Tammie just isn't into me as much as I am into her ?
It sux ! Cuz She'll say She just wants to be friends with me .
But after a while, because I'm so
Nice to her and Kind . She starts to get more into me. But I think that must scare her ! Cuz I come off so
Needy and don't have much of an income. She's 52 & still has three Kids at home. But she's gorgeous &
Kind & sweet .
Then the other day she goes
Out to another male friends house ?
Wearing a Dress and Heels & doesn't have her kids with her ?
When I take her somewhere She's
Gotta bring her kids with ?

BTW I'm Married & my wife is a Refuser for years . So I started sleeping in a bedroom at the other end of the House . She likes it that way ? She doesn't mind if I go over & see Tammie . Twice a week ?

We hide sometimes...

Feels like that's the other way around

Hi babe can I rate yr pictures

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Go ahead

Hi can I rate yr pictures

Women can be pretty confusing a lot of the time tho. It's not fair to generalize

I guess you're right. :(

lol....u really just triggered a big conversation going on below your post.....

Lol I did huh. Thanks all of you for your responses. All so nice.

Women are not open, they are shy rather!

Lol that's not true. Last time I checked it was men who had to put their balls on the line and ask women out. Asking someone out IS expressing yourself. Women just kind of whisper among themselves and give hints hoping the man can read her mind.

I do

Not all men are like that, it's just their ego that hinders them lol

Bring it down!

Thanks for that

Is that a bit of sarcasm there?

I am, I have a large female side to my brain!

Because we try and put a strong wall up to stop people from looking in and seeing our real side. It's too bad really :)

This is exactly how I've felt about women I've been with. All you can do is work on yourself.

I am very open
lets chat

Men who r too open with their feelings can appear desperate and needy sometimes and that's not attractive

Oh yes expressing it is very important but that's how we men are made. If we were just like you women then maybe you won't love us lol

Men are more sensitive than they get credit for. I think a male needs to feel emotionally safe to be open about his feelings. If he senses or by experience has learned that his expression of emotion (and don't forget, that expression is going to be different to how females often express emotion) is going to be met with scorn or hostility he is not going to take the risk of being misunderstood! Women, by nature are the stronger sex when it comes to this kind of stuff.

They are afraid of commitment especially if they haven't accomplished what they want in life. Men are more concerned of success and failure in their work or any field they are into. So the work is more on women when it comes to relationships..

I believe in that too. However we both went to high school together. We went off to different universities. Both graduated with our Masters and are working only minutes away from each other. I'm an introvert so it's hard for me to let him know how I truly feel, but I do give the signs. I text and call him most times. I just want the same in return. It's as if I don't text first, he won't. Why is that? Why do I have to be they initiator all the time? Why can't he text me sometimes?

Ignore him, he is too confident because you are always around and available. Men love the chase so let him. Sometimes, it's a sign that he is not into you. Follow your instinct.

Thank you so much for your input. I'll definitively make myself less available. You're right, he prob isn't into me as I am into him. I just wish he would stop leading me on to believing it. When we go out he does kiss and hold me. He even gave me a piggy back ride after dancing because my feet were hurting in my heels. But then again he was prob just being a gentleman.

only my inputs but follow what you think is best and right for you. I know you feel it in your heart you just need confirmation.

Yes ma'am. You definitely understand me. :)

Much love to you :-)))

Thanks same to you :) ❤️❤️❤️


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if you would let me i would gladly be your friend. i get lonely too

Because women consistently reject them when they show who they really are.

It's not who they really are, they're actually who you think they are the just don't realise it


You shouldn't sum one gender up just because you date tools with no communication skills. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but it might help.

You're so right. Thank you guys for the responses.

Lol women are just as bad as men.. Trust me

Yes. !!!

Well some do then we get friend zoned or called creep.

maybe u haven't had the right guy there's one out there for u ok

Ha! Men are as varied as women. There probably more than a few men on here that feel the same.

I agree!