Don't we all..In this world of doom and gloom..

It's nice to know each one of us is appreciated and loved for who we are..

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We all need love.

From day one of our lives we look for this.

This is an addiction I never want to be cured of. Actually I am proud to be a sappy man!!

The only drawback to this is that I am single ATM.

It's been a little over a year dear. Thank you though.

No just that the loneliness gets unbearable some day's.

I am happy with myself just really lonely. In this last year I have remade myself and realized I am the same man I have always been just stronger know physically and mentally.

I thought being stronger before that I wouldn't need anyone. I now know that that is far from true. We all need that best friend.

I have met someone from my past but she is going through the same thing. We both like each other a lot but are taking it slow. I know in this instance I am very a very impatient man. Anything else I can wait forever for.

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Absolutely agree. Sometimes you are informed up front. Other times through vague riddles.

But once you know. Its a wonderful feeling

Youre very lucky if you are

your right miss


Yes, for we who we are, all the good and BAD! Not just because that person is smart and talented...

I understand sweetie

Totally true...

" The greatest thing that you will learn in life is to be in love and be loved in return." Lyrics from ; Nature Boy ~ Nat King Cole.