I think I am a pretty decent looking girl why do the guys always fall for the girls that won't even notice them!!
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You will feel loved soon ^^ im sure

Date older men. Not too much older, 5-7 years maybe, and you might find differently.

I'm a man of the chase. The harder we work to get her the more passionate we become. A challenge is what most guys look for. But if she pursues us then it's a bit of a turn off. But hey some guy might be chasing you right now! And you might not even know it haha!

Wish I wasn't so much older than you.

For an average guy, the really pretty girl has the allure of what we can't have. On some level, we all want what we can't have. And winning the pretty girl gives men higher social status (the all important high five from male peers).

As fate would have it, pretty girls are as a rule not very interesting ..., fate seems to have a real sense of humour.

Whats bull crap is guys always want what they cant have and what we can have we dont want its a vicious cycle

People want what they can't have.

good question we are always attracted to attraction ,in my years now some of the more attractive girls are nuts I myself am going off personality no fooling I want honesty and loyalty I want to fall in love with a person.wish you the best

Nice honesty i feeln u on having honesty n loyalty above all. Good luck

it's weird as I get older I look at the important things in life personality values we almost fall in love when we find ourselves in our partner I bet you have been impressed by finding out something in common with someone .I take advantage of every detail I notice about a woman voice eyes shoes hair clothes then compliment her hopefully that will give me a peek inside her heart.

Same can be said for women. Although in my case I'm not decent looking.

i don't know maybe most men are attracted to girls who don't notice them?? i want a girl that just likes me

its the same for some guys, i feel like u x

They're idiots.

I'm the same way Alex, I notice all women, but yet I'm the ghost.

take up your self as the most beautiful thing and start loving yourself for it... Everyone else would stand in line..

A typical game of cat and mouse? Enjoyn the chase as much as he will the prize. if he suceeds. Lol. Off the top of the head the fact that its now a 2nd nature to us to simply want what we clearly can not have....

For the same reason you go for guys who won't notice you

Those guys don't deserve a good woman. They want to fight over who she wants. When they should fight to keep the good one. Hmu

Because you're probably not noticing the super cautious guys that can't find a way to approach you.

I think you're right there was this guy in one of my classes that would always listen to me talk and give me responses but I was too focused on the guy that would ignore me

My senior year that guy would always stare at me and I would just ignore him because I didn't know how to deal with it

I really wasn't expecting to guess that right. I'm guilty of the same thing though. This one girl was really sweet and demure around me. She was super shy but I could just sense that she liked me, but I never made a move. The biggest reason why I didn't was because of potential religious clashing. I'm a Catholic she's a Jehovah Witness (from what she told me). I haven't seen her since graduation and I have no way of contacting her. What I do have is occasional feelings of regret for letting this opportunity get away.

Same and I know where you're coming from I was like sooo in love with this guy my senior year because he was everything I wanted he was smart and hot!! But I only talked to him like three times and he was in 3 of my classes. I would always stare at him so I made it obvious I liked him but he didn't do anything I feel like I let him slip away

He didn't slip away, he just was unable to read the signs that showed him. It's his loss. This would happen to me a lot. When I like someone, I try to get their attention in any way possible even if it means talking about the most irrelevant stuff. Trust me, you didn't lose.

*crying emoji*

Be happy 😌 *relaxed emoji (if you can't see it)*

Lol I can I do that in case the other people can't 😄

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It will happen I am sure

You know it's not just with men, it's same with the girls too, they fall for all those rockstar guys who they know are dangerous and registered disasters!! But you see the problem lies with the fact that , everyone wants to be with someone who is higher to them in the social order!! Those who are wise be with someone who has a nice soul!! Don't worry one day you will find this nice guy!! But I may warn you that they come in all kinds of packages

Thank you for the advice

Big hug !!If you need someone to talk to you can talk to me!! Take care!!

Thank you *hug*

Because they like playing hard to get