I could definitely use some love & appreciation about now...
amstanley12 amstanley12
31-35, F
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keep smiling :) change your life

I would be more than happy to make love to you

I know how you feel...

Hey how are you i would love to hold u in my arms under the stars to make u feel like an angel

I m looking to find some one to talk with

Me too. I'm married and I don't ever get any affection any more.

Cuckold his ***!

Why not? What changed?

Who are you talking to?

Oh, sorry...you.

Long long story...partly my fault and partly hers. I don't wish to discuss it here in open forum, though.

I will explain the best I can in private. ...it's late and I must get to couch. 'night all!

felling the same dude

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