No relationship can survive without love and appreciation
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Dear M my sympathies but Aren't we all sailing in the same boat ? Chat a bit with Ur New friend who is just an add n pm away n see where it leads ?

100 percent correct.and that is always a two way street.I hope when I get a girlfriend she will always feel comfortable enough too s hair how she feels so we can come to a solution real's to short to take someone for granted.peace

Especially a relationship with yourself. You learn to love and appreciate your body, your soul. No relationship will survive if you don't love yourself first. Figure out what brings the best out of you. Smile more. If you're confident and believe that you're worth it... Then nothing can ever ever drag you down. 😉

Dear K U have put it so well that I don't know how to improve on Ur Words ... Awaiting Ur Pm !