Need Love and Appreciation

Coming from an abusive childhood, and a 23 year bad marriage, I am just now beginning to see.  People need to feel loved and appreciated.  For the longest time, I now realize, I tried to get my feelings of self-worth from my job.  I am coming to appreciate that eveyone needs to feel loved and appreciated, especially from family.  I thank God everyday that I have tried to do this with my daughter.  Folks, that saying "As the twig is bent, so grows the tree" is true!  I grew up feeling worthless, unloved, unappreciated.  Until just recently, thought that I was not entititled to be loved and appreciated.  Tell your friends, family, children that you love them and appreciate them.

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Yeah hi I live in Lake Worth and I'm 65 years old and I'm just looking straight out for sex one that's good in bed and knows how to suck a **** and can deepthroat and I love eating ***** if you can do that doesn't respond


@trishebel: You are 200% correct..I've been saying this for several years.....and even LOUDER just this last 12 months. I tried dating and failed miserably after 30yrs in a sexless, affectionless, touchless, NIGHTMARE of an entrapment...►I DESPERATELY NEEDED◄ to feel first ...♦•HUMAN•♦ ♦TOUCH♦ again in that special way, then I needed to feel ATTRACTIVE and FUN and have the other "SEE" my talents and capabilities and voice their thoughts about this...I needed to be around a companion/date who totally WOULD appreciate the whole of me, not JUST the old NSA sex routine....I wanted intimacy but I also NEEDED SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH MORE.<br />
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What happened to me unfortunately is that I hadn't been sexualized in three BLOODY decades...I had urges alreight but I UTTERLY FORGOT the "dating scene"..........I did NOT know how to approach a or behave around a Man. Online was okay at first, teaching me things while getting my courage up and my feet wet..................BUT IN THE END....too too TOOOOOO Many folks STAY ONLINE and don't actualy come out to meet~~make all kinds of excuses...Or types like me often got LONG DISTANCE attention onlline, but which today I suspect is done mostly on a conscious level but also unconsciously too...which is FEAR OF COMMITTMENT so peope contact others online for romance or LIE about their intentions..ON PURPOSE...they DO THE LONG DISTANCE; WE'LL NEVER romance fling so they DO NOT HAVE TO WORRY about "Our" fling getting serious and complicated....OMG..AFTER ROUND after round after round of so MANY of these long distance gigs....I did meet a handful in public.............BUT NONE outside of maybe 3% wanted a RELATIONSHIP....Most of the scene was about quick flings...lots of kink and strange ideas..........................AFTER ABOUT 2YRS I realized that I canNOT just go out and undress for just anyone...but it's WORSE now than at any other time in my life...because of the draining lackluster entrapment I got into here at home........<br />
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OH MY WORD....You are so right...I woke up and realized I DO NEED A PERMANENT, even just dating style, IN PERSON/FACE TO FACE ................AFFECTIONATE "AFFAIR".....IF IT LED TO LOVE............ALL THE BETTER....... In any case MY STARVATION for LOVE appreciation, attraction factor...emotional SUPPORT and touch............ALL LIFE NEEDS THAT. I was SO CHEATED and so were You. I didn't think after many years went by that I was WORTHY OF LOVE...THOUGHT I WAS DEFECTIVE Ugly....something was wrong because I couldn't even get someone to take me out for a simple cup of coffee.............let alone an intimate affair.. ='o( I refused to go do one night stands so I HAVE JUST BEEN HERE ROTTING and aging..........I need LOVE, support, arms around me, persmission to FEEL my own feelings and express them............MORE NOW, THAN WHEN I STARTED THIS....AND MORE THAN AT ANY TIME IN MY WHOLE LIFE...<br />
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Good Topic Lr

Your story could be mine. How did you get over it? I'm not there yet...

You're right on. It is as necessary as food and water to any human being. Affection is part of life and we all need and deserve it. It is that simple. Best wishes.

that is nice , very nice , clearly it is get out from the heart and go to the heart .