Hate lying in bed on a Sunday with no one to cuddle with and having to take care of myself
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Daddy is here feeling the same way as u.. Think we are both in the same shoes..

I don't mind taking care of myself but I miss the feeling of someones as around me

I have someone but I still feel alone. having someone doesn't grant u will feel any different. Hope u feel better.

omg angelove777 I am sad for you. I know that feeling to be surrounded by people, but feel utterly alone inside. I appreciate what I have been learning about loving myself, and enjoying my own company. Finding out my interests... doing nice things for myself. I realized I cant appreciate or love any one around me appropriately without first loving myself. If you don't love yourself, no matter who is in your company, you may still suffer from loneliness...

I love myself. I was living alone for close to 5 years but always needed someone in my life so I met my husband now online and being married 10 months.. I'm in secure love too much and no matter what I can't be happy. I want and need alot of attention. my husband things he gives it to me but he dont. so yes I feel sad and lonely alot.

honestly, I have insecurities... there are parts of myself inside that I don't love. it seems like that is the part of me that seeks out attention any way she can get it. that is the part that is always seeking, always wanting and never feels fulfilled.

sounds like me and I don't like that part of me.

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that sounds sad. do something nice for yourself. take a shower with some great smelling stuff and just enjoy every minute of it.. don't let any other thoughts in your mind except how the water feels on you and how the soap smells.. or paint your nails.. or bake yourself something. give yourself a big hug.

Yeah I know how it feels


Get a dog...it will be loyal all the time and give you love...lol

That's awful. I hope you find someone who loves you and cares for all your wants and needs.

Yea it does kinda suck!

I do too :-(

It's not always a bad thing to take care of your self sometimes!!