Does true love exist ?
Can there be a person who knows you better than yourself .They know when you are happy , sad , broken .They know what to do to help, they are there through the bad times as well as the good .
you sense their presence without having to see them .Your heart beats faster , a warmth spreads through your whole body , life seems worth living for someone other than yourself .
Or is it just one big fairytale ?
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18 Responses Mar 21, 2016

the question isn't does it happen it does. the question is why doesn't it last

easier said than done

not that I'm saying divorce is a good thing but at times distance is. he has to respect you and the situation. my wife never wants to do anything with me or my family and I have kids or grandkids. it's always a choose me or them situation never a compromise

I think it is all lies... This is what we want, but we seldom have it. I have no idea why that is.


I thought I had that love in my current wife that I always put her first. I even told my own mother off and stop talking to her cause she hated my wife and wanted me to leave her and I didn't and stop contact with mother over it for many years. I have fought the wives family as well as they wanted me gone to and I stayed with her through all that to and all along over 15 years married now and 4 kids ages 5 to near 15 I catch her cheating emotionally with a old friend of hers from over 16 years ago before she met me and she found him on facebook and they been hiding a love affair for over 3 months behind my back. During the affair the wife posted on her facebook wall how much she loves me and can't wait for another 15 years but when I caught her she then played it off as her not being happy and hasn't been in years and how she never loved me and loves him and my jaw dropped. All her begging me to marry her and how deeply in love she is with me and all the dozens of love letters from her saying the same and begging me for kids. Now saying it all was a lie and leading me on for 15 years fighting my family and hers to stay by her side through it all. Believe me I don't deserve this and she has really played me good. Now she wants a divorce and threatens to leave with most my kids to go to him states away. Feel so betrayed and used.

It's everything I believe in, it's how a harmonious relationship should be - full of love and compromise.

True love does exist. I had that for 2-1/2 years. I would give just about anything to feel that once again.

I hope it does! Still looking :(

True love is in our mind. If we want to feel it. we will feel it. I think we choose our partners and our brain tells us to fall in love.
I read love is strange and love is blind. think that it is wonderful.

It's possible - it's finding the right person!

Yes it does exist I felt just a tiny portion of it and as a result it made me the most depressed guy in the world because, I love who doesn't loves me.

So far it's been a fairytale. I still dream of the happy ending.

Had it once. .... blew it......

Yes , I felt this way about someone before, I couldn't imagine loving anybody else, I loved her than, I love now,and always will.

I believe so

I'm really lucky to have true love. I didn't know it existed before but it's very real, my husband and I are like the same person, we think the exact same thought at the exact same moment, he can read me just by body language, and we can't keep out hands off each other! I hope everyone finds their true love! 😊

Yes but few and far between

It's no fairytale

If there is such true love then I would love to fall in it... But unfortunately its a rare...