Do you ever feel like you always do for others and when it is your turn to have someone do for you no one is around? I do a lot for people and hardly say no but when I need something I get the wells or the nos I wish that it was not that way and you know what I can't even complain about it because I still do it now. This sux
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Yup and being too kind and loyal for 15 years in a marriage and 4 kids ages 5 to near 15 and now Im cheated on with her having a emotional affair with a past friend of hers from before we met over 16 years ago. She gets on facebook looking up old friends and ex and starts chatting with the old friend behind my back and they were hiding the love chats for over 3 months behind my back before I found out. Now that she was caught she leads on this bullshit how she wasn't happy for years but yet just a month before I found out about the emotional affair she was posting all over her facebook wall how much she loves me and can't wait for another 15 years. Guess that was a post of unhappy. I just been played by a cheater is all. Should've known it would happen with her super flirty ***. A woman that is a major flirt is a huge warning sign they won't stay loyal in a marriage.

"I've been here for you; I need you right now" goes a long way.

sometimes too much of good stuff is bad stuff! you should learn how to say no at times also, so that people appreciate your time and also value you as a person

All the time sweetie

I do it too. Birthdays are the worse, I go out of my way to make sometimes birthday special, one year for my birthday, I found myself cooking my own dinner and baking my own cake as my family waited. I was furious, but of course said nothing. When all was done, I didn't eat, I just went to bed and cried. Helpers like us seem to always feel unappreciated. I understand and feel your sadness

At least you had family. Mine never called me on my March 6th birthday, my kids and wife never told me happy birthday until I brought it up later in the day. Everyone was gone that day to while I was home alone fixing myself something to eat and watching movies by myself. So I know what that's like. The most awful birthday I've ever had and felt so alone.