I don't necessarily have a need to be paid attention. But I would like some people who I'm close with and can hang with.
I think we all have that feeling that we could use a few good people to share some memories with, ya know?
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I wish my dreams came true

I think spending time with others is grossly underrated. Mostly because we live in cities, so there are people around us all the time. This makes us think that being around others isn't anything to be appreciated. The other reason is fear. People are afraid to spend time with others before they get to know them. Everyone comes with a lot of attachments. Places they have to be. People they have to keep in contact with. Pets to feed. Plants to water. Business to take care of. All this makes it extremely hard to just 'hang'. It should however, be the other way around. The most important thing to take care of should be 'enjoying the day with other people'. After that's done, people should go about their business. Seriously, we get so caught up with life that we forget what life is all about. Sharing some memories, having a good time, that's what we should focus on more.