Hello strangers

I need your opinion in something. Your opinions will mean a lot to me.

If one day ur ex bf/gf that you loved the most ever in your life. You saw your ex bf/gf in a different country while you were in holiday.
Suddenly you saw your ex with a new partner could be wife/husband
Will you say hi?
What you gonna do? What are the conversions that you gonna talk about? Tell me more. Am an open heart and ears to hear from you
gunnoon gunnoon
26-30, M
3 Responses Mar 24, 2016

I probably would depending on how the breakup was. If it wasn't a horrible breakup I would just because your no longer together doesn't me you can't still be friends.

head nod

What do u mean

an acknowledgement from a distant. waving takes too energy. so a small smile and a head nod/chin up. and keep it moving.

my heart was broken crushed and destroyed. y r we having a conversation. (if it wasnt an ex is an ex no longer on my radar.. and out of caring zone)

I like the way you think, its pretty great 🌹

If you saw your ex with another partner then just say hi but not too deeply conversation