Since my mother died I feel the need to be loved more. I am not able to deal very well with my mother's passing. I am still in the grieving process. Due to my PTSD, I find it very hard to cope, and I live by myself. Nights are the worst. I have a caretaker, but I don't feel loved or appreciated by her. I feel more like a nuisance. I have not had a boyfriend in over three years. It's not that I am not looking. Men my age are hard to find in my area. I live in a retirement community. About a month ago, I went upstate, and got to meet a lovely Japanese man. He knew I was part Japanese as well. He is about 26. He is a cook at a mental health facility. I wish we could've gotten to know eachother better. I was inpatient for my epilepsy, schizophrenia, depression, and PTSD. He was such a sweet guy to me. He even bowed when he gave me my food. He didn't do that for everyone. No other man has ever made me feel like a princess more than Chris. I miss you, Chris. And your delicious food.
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I'm sorry that you lost your mom. I'd like to see you in a group therapy for grief. You can grieve and not feel alone without being vulnerable to unsavory men.

Aww you should see if you can get in contact with him again. I'm really sorry about your mom. :( *hugs*