It doesn't matter that you hurt me, that almost entirely forgotten. However, what bothering me is that you have made me believe that I will never be good enough for anyone and that I am not wanted by anyone.
I have been feeling like this for a while now, I'm starting to accept this feeling as well.
Laraamani Laraamani
22-25, F
4 Responses Apr 9, 2016

I will never understand how some women will let these no-good clowns tear down their self-esteem. since when is his word or his opinion more valuable than what you should KNOW about yourself? if you KNOW that you are a good woman then why would you believe the lies that he tell. I used to care about what people thought. When I tried to pay my bills with someone's OPINION.... guess what happened.

Don't ever let anyone convince you of that. In your own way you are a very special person with your own, unique characteristics. It may be tough but you need to walk away from anyone who puts undermines you as an individual. There are many people out there who will value you as you are. I hope you manage to find someone who belives in you. Not that you need others to build you up but it does help if you have good supports inlife. Best wishes. :)

Well, how MANY people have told you that for HOW LONG?

Please don't think that. I do and yet I know it's unhealthy.
So I'm saying to you.......please don't think that!