Why Prison Is The Only Answer

He doesn't care about me. I honestly don't think that he ever did! I thought that he just didn't realize what he was doing, how selfish he was and how much pain he caused me... NOPE! None of it was an accident, it wasn't even just him being opportunistic and capitalizing on situations when the time suited him. I thought maybe he just wants what he wants and sometimes I just stood in the way so I became a casualty... Wrong again!

He methodically plans out, premeditated ways to annihilate me! PRETENDING to be sorry for the pain he caused me, while secretly getting off on it! He is a sick, demented, narcissistic, sociopath whose sights are locked in on me!

WHY!? Why me!? I have done nothing but give everything I had, forgave all I could, withstood everything he threw at me! 

Because he can... I refuse to compromise my integrity by fighting dirty, and he knows this... already he has the upper hand.

I have gone back and forth, fighting with myself in my own head about this for months! This is not just about what he did on that one day... just because that was the only time I called the police and reported his abuse, doesn't mean that is the only thing he is getting sent to prison for.

He has been abusing me for years and my kids have been seeing him abuse me this whole time! He controlled all the money, strategically picked fights, told lies and turned my family against me, and me against my family. He cheated on me relentlessly, rendered my vehicle useless to keep me prisoner in my own house. Demolished my kitchen and left it in ruins  for over a year! Constantly threatening me with and using physical violence, ALL just to keep me completely under his control...

 I can't let them think that this is normal. I cannot let them allow anyone to treat them the way he treated me! My girls need to know that he was wrong and if they EVER find themselves in a similar situation, they need to hold their abuser accountable for his actions too!

I thought that once I got away, it would stop... Even though he is now with someone else, the papers are filed, we live hours away from each other.... STILL! He refuses to relinquish control! It is never going to stop.... it doesn't matter where I go, how I live, who either of us are with, or how little contact we have.... He will never stop!

This is why prison is the only answer...
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Dec 6, 2012