Within As Well As Without.....

  I need to come to the point where I know that I'll stand up for myself....I know I can do it for my family/friends. But I need to know I can do it for myself....Some of my stories I took little steps towards that goal. I know that no matter what happens I can survive it. I'm strong, emotional does NOT equal weak. I will beat back my demons & bring safety to me.

   Of course, that won't stop me from praying for that one man that I can feel completely safe with. The one I know will never hurt me, will not take my heart & throw it away. The one that can hold me & my fear melts away. That I will always wish for.... Perhaps I'll find it here, if not, then maybe in the future.... I will keep HOPE alive inside my heart & my soul.

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1 Response Mar 8, 2009

good for you.. i feel the same but theres someone out there for everyone im looking for mine too.. currently in a bad relationship but thanks to ep and my hope im getiing stronger..