There are some times that I wished that I didn't feel.  Some moments in my life I didn't really feel.  I'm sure there were some kind of emotions there but they were so watered down that it was as if there was nothing at all.  But I personally know that feeling is better than not feeling.  Without emotions, we're living meaningless lives.  There is nothing that matters.  Most people say that the opposite of love is hate but I truly believe that instead it's apathy.  If a person were to have no love or passion then nothing would be worth anything.  You may as well not even live at all. 

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1 Response Feb 22, 2007

Emotions are just a shell around your desire. Your emotions may want to lead you one way but your desire(you) may want to go another way. We are always fighting what we feel because want we want is not always what our emotions want. Our biggest battle in our lives is ourselves and will always be. You just have to hope that you can make your emotions (which are so easily influenced by good and bad) go your way. When you want to go in one direction and your emotions want to go in another, you become lost and sad. When it is something you want and your emotions are all on your side then that is when you are really happy. <br />
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An example is if a loved one hurt you and you left him but your emotions are still moving towards that loved one. It takes time for that emotion to leave that loved one even after you did.<br />
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That is what I think anyway. I always picture "almost invisible hollow human" bodies to represent emotions. When a loved one hurt another and you are trying to leave that person, I always think of the person pulling on the emotion by the hand trying to get away. Like a mother does to a spoiled kid who wants candy really bad, lol. Hope life gets better for you.