I Need a **** In My Hands

I don't know what happened to me, but in my early teens i and friends would jack each othe off, and laugh when one of us came early. But in my 20s and mid 30s, it was ******* and ***** only. Then as i reached near 40, i got the urge to have **** in my hands, and not my own. I always liked to jerk off, but never made it an obsession to jerk men off or several men at once until i reached near 40. Its on my mind always, i need to stroke a ****, suck a **** or be ****** senseless by a ****. It matter not to me if, its in public, in a room with a female in attendence. I will preform this act, been caught once or twice with a **** in my mouth, jerk some off at the same time (in a toilet block). I need **** now more than i need *****. Sometime i let several of them *** on my face and have globs running down my face until the ground and wanting more. Now i look at women, but also men to fulfil my fantasies and desires.

peterluv2toss peterluv2toss
9 Responses Mar 20, 2009

all dressed up or undressed and hard as a rock, wanted to party. hheheheeh

lol me too. we could have such *** or sorry fun!

Peter, you have NO idea how much I'd like that! You were one of the ones in my fantasy business trip story. Getting ready to travel again... wish you were ******* with me!

wannawank wish u were near me, we could have so much adult fun its not funny.

Sign me up for the lace-pantied pork bongs too!

I like trannys too, and like to lift there skirts up and smoke there pork bongs.

Okay wolf man, let me wolf down that **** of yours. You'd know you want to do it more often with a guy after that!

I don't know why, but sometimes I get a strong craving to suck a **** and swallow every drop. Most of the time, though, I'd rather have *****, though if I met the right guy I'd probably do him more often. I did notice that during the waning moon and especially around the New Moon, that's when I get the most "boy-crazy". Oh oh.....it's getting to be that time again!

I'm with you on that! There's nothing like ****. The more, the better. For that matter, there's nothing like ***** either. It's just that a man knows how to please a man WAY more than a woman does. Don't want to give up *****, but PLEASE give me more ****! Just like you, I'll take it anywhere I can get it... even if there is risk of exposure. The risk is in itself a turnon, and the exposure can bring one or more who want in on the fun.