Hard To Explain

Normaly I don't tend to fight with physical strength at least as everyone respect's that you shoudln't come to near to me... otherwyse I feel thretend...

but sometimes I realy need to fight even thought only verbaly... it's kind of like beeing mad with the whole world, and anybody who happends to have the luck to be near me is going to be involfed in to this fight... they can do what ever they want, I provocate as long as it needs to be to start the fight... its like I have to fight then or I'm going to explode, at least I feel like this...
SamPrue SamPrue
2 Responses May 24, 2012

you can beat on me if you want (i'm a big boy i can take it) probably feel like a mosquito anyhow :p just joking . long as you get it out (((hug)))

Thanks for the offer...

Things are better by now thought... Not great but better

i'll give you a fight