Boy Vs. My Dad

My father had to watch me fall apart when dae left. He had to be the one holding me up when I could hardly stand. No wonder he forbids that i be with him anymore. But I feel apart because I loved him and wasn't strong enough to keep it together without him. I've tried to let him go, but I can't move on. I honestly can't find any other logic than I really love him. I tried to tell daddy that dae deserves a second chance. After all, he didn't mean to hurt me. He needed time. I'm officaly old enough to leave, but I'm scared. My dad needes me and I don't know if i can grow up fast enough to make it on my own. And my inner self says that getting kicked out over a boy is retarted. But he isn't just any boy and I can't keep dealing with the pain of his absences. I need to figure this out.

lovelyautumn lovelyautumn
18-21, F
Feb 17, 2009