Always An Acquaintance; Never A Bff :(

All my life I have been social. Has my cliques in school and now at work as well but I never seemed to have found the one person that gets me. I crave a BFF. Someone who knows me, knows how to make happy when I'm down, who is the first person I call when ANYTHING happens. Who will drop what they are doing to have a meal with me, go shopping or catch a movie. It feels like everyone else has one but me. I thought my husband was that person, but we've had our issues and he's not that person. I needed someone when I was at my Lows with him. I don't know how to find this person but my heart is open.
LadyV83 LadyV83
26-30, F
1 Response Jan 6, 2013

can a bff be a young guy =] even if not could we be just friends? I would like to