My Company Is Basically a Sinking Ship

Yes it turns out that this super management job that I just landed in July i coming to haunt me. The company, as it turns out is in financial dire straits, and otherwise in a bad state of mismanagement and overall just basically facing extinction.

This week alone, I don't know how many customers we managed to upset, and interestingly all, without basically anyone in our branch having any part of it at all really. The source of upset is mostly corporate, their inability to deliver materials, pay their bills and make work possible for the rest of us.

My office phones were shut off on Monday for nonpayment and still are not on on this wednesday night, and I'm already dreading the flood of unhappy customers that will hit us, once we do get turned back on. That is, if they call back and haven't already purchased somewhere else, where the phones actually work and someone responds to them when they have an issue.

This all wouldn't be so bad, if there weren't the small issue with me just getting a new job. The economy that we're currently in not even being the issue. I'm not afraid of it. My education and experience rocks, not to pat myself on the back too much, but I know I can wing it if I need to.

However, I just lashed out the better part of 8 grand to get my visa for this job as I'm a foreign national, and will have to lash out the same or similar, just to switch jobs. GREAT.

Yet, I'm keeping my head over water, try to stay positive and apply for new jobs like there's no tomorrow. All it takes is one yes. Even if there's one hundred No's on the way to it. I'm about at 16 or so so far. About 84 to go. Good luck to me. :-)

Still I won't despair. Something tells me I'll be alright.



sunnydani sunnydani
31-35, F
Nov 12, 2008