I Now Have a Blog

I confess that I am unclear about the difference between "stories" that appear here and a "blog" that is elsewhere on this site.  I think that perhaps this "story" part is not the appropriate place for me to share all of the details of my life as I work to find like minds and create a new support network.

So I have started a blog on this site, and set it to be open to the public.  If I am wrong, and I am supposed to be sharing in this area instead, please let me know. 

Otherwise, I invite any interested parties to read my blog and learn more about who I am and where I am on my life journey.  I think there are links here to find that part of the site - if not, please let me know and I will try to tell you where I am.  I am still getting used to how this place works.

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2 Responses Feb 8, 2009

thats actually a very good comparison

a lot depends on exactly what you are wanting to share. most things can be shared in either place you just need to find the right group (or create a group) for the subject matter. for instance say you want to talk about diabetes.....click on groups-search groups and then enter the subject in a format such as "i want to talk about diabetes" that will bring up all the groups with similar titles pick one and start sharing! i generally use the blog for things i want to share but not with everybody and then i post it "friends only" i hope this helps you a little