More Than Bargained For...

My wife was away a few weeks ago and I was beyond horny and in need to satisfy my desire for a ********. I posted an ad on Craigslist in Toronto looking for guys who wanted to hook up for a ******** with a over 50 replies within a few hours. There weren't many that were open to having a ******** with other guys except one. Was a transport truck driver who would be passing through town the same week and had a friend that would be game as well. He told me the time and location (was actually within 10 kilometers from my house as I am off a major highway). So he gave me the name of his truck and plate and said that he wanted to talk before we got started so I would meet him in his cab.



So I got dressed up in a red school girl kilt, white stockings with a white garter, tiger pattern heels, blouse, no panties, and my blonde wig. Feel super horny and nervous all at once, I pre lubed my man ***** so that incase things started before I could lube myself, I would be ready...and it made me feel like I had a soaking throbbing *****. So I get in my car as it was approaching 10pm when I was suppose to meet him so I get my courage up and get on the road. I finally arrive, my heart pounding through my chest and throat once I see his truck with the cab light on. So I park next to his truck, and get out, stretching my legs long out showing my sheer white stockings. I strut over to his truck and look around to see if any one else is looking at me as there were well over 30 trucks parked there but the lot was dark so it was hard to tell. I open the door and climb in. He is actually a good looking guy in his 40s that was very excited by seeing his bulge in his pants. So we had a little small talk before he said - want to get started? I say -I'm ready to go! So I crawl off my chair and kneel over next to his chair and unzip his jeans and pull out an average sized **** and started licking his shaft and balls. Then he grabs the back of my head and forces me on his ****...almost gag on it! So i go along with it the whole time with the cab light on..not thinking anything of it...after 10 or 15 minutes, he says, - "Lets go in the trailer as its dark as my buddy doesn't want to be seen". So I say, "sure". We get out and walk to the back of his trailer. He opens it and I climb into the back of this trailer which looks empty as I can only see maybe 5 feet infront of me and it is just an endless black hole. He climbs in behind me and says - "get on all fours and I am going to put a blind fold on you so that we can turn a light on in here and see what I am doing....oh and my friend will join us when he is ready" (he was apparently already in the trailer waiting). I feel the cold cloth wrapping around my head, over my ears and tied snug on the back of my head. So as I lay there on all fours, and sucking him off, it isn't long before I have my *** in the air and feel my skirt get gently pulled up. I then feel a **** slap the side of my *** then between my legs, then slowly feel the head sliding in. WIth a gentle groan from me, he fully slides in with the slap of his balls on my ***. He starts to pound me, lightly to slow then to a little harder...all this as each thrust makes me go deeper on the guys **** I'm sucking. Not before long I hear a groan and a **** fully inside of me, no longer he was shooting his load in me....then he pulls out. So as he pulls out, the other guy who I was sucking says "Im going to pound that sweet *** of yours now...its my turn and you're going to clean my friends **** off". So he crawls around me and slides his **** into my juicy leaking wet man ***** I smell a cummy smelling **** come to my he slaps either side of my face with his cummy **** then shoves it in my mouth! I initially gag a bit but then start sucking the left over *** on his shaft...which was almost another mouth full it as I clean off his ****, my *** is slapped and called "*** *****" and "**** ****" which just makes me even hornier...not long after the **** is cleaned off, I hear a shreak and a groan with a few last hard pounds...then he pulls out of my *** filled ***....then comes around and I clean off his **** as I start licking off his ****, I feel another **** come up to my man ***** I think is the other guy coming back for another *** dump? So I just go along and continue to suck and drain the **** in my mouth as I feel this other ****, start to slide in my ***....this one feels MUCH larger and feeling like it is going A LOT deeper than both of the ones I felt before. So this time, I don't even think he pounds my *** 3 or 4 times before a loud groan and a sharp pull out....then again, a **** slapping the top of my *** and gently sliding into my *** as another cummy **** gets to my mouth...and I feel my mouth stretch to get this **** in my mouth then start sucking and drooling as there is so much *** on this ****! Not 5 or 6 minutes pass before I hear a load sigh then the **** pulling out of my filled ***....After this time, I feel warm liquid running down my leg...which leads me to believe that I had several loads in my ***...and cleaned off several as well. This continues for over 2 + hours with ***** sliding in my *** and then to my mouth to be all comes to an end and the first guy I met, takes off my blind fold, hands me some paper towels and once I am somewhat cleaned - he opens the trailer door, and I head back to my stockings have a stream of *** all the way down to my knees and I can feel the *** leaking out as I sat in my car on the way back home.

 It was definitely the best satisfaction I have ever had and plan on doing it again as it makes me rock hard thinking about it!

naughty1770 naughty1770
31-35, T
Feb 8, 2010