Need To Stop Seeking Advice, Instead I Need To Follow My Instincts.

Relationship Guru, NOT!!


Who do you go to when you need relationship advice, a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, or a Band-Aid? If you answered mom you are like most people. According to a recent study 67% go to Mom before they seek out the advice of their best friends.  When the drain is clogged, I need help installing a dog door, or the sprinkler breaks the first person I call is Mom. My mom is a guru when it comes to fixing stuff around the house.  She is the one that took a week off to help me landscape our back yard and install our pond. She is the one that pulled the electrical to the other side of the yard to power our pond. She is the one that helped install the ceiling fans and pull the wiring for the speakers.


As with everyone we all excel in different areas. Unfortunately my mom’s expertise and advice doesn’t cover ever area under the sun.  I have high hopes that will change and she will turn into an encyclopedia of knowledge, till then I need to find another source for relationship advice.

You’d think after attending the school of hard knocks by taking my Mom relationship advice I would of learned my lesson and found a new mentor, but I am stubborn and am hoping for a miracle.


So, here I am again with my mom and she’s going on and on. I stop her and repeat back to her what she just told me. To both of our surprise it was nothing like what she meant to say. Then it dawned on me that maybe my mom’s advice isn’t as bad as I thought it was, she just needs an interpreter.

What she says isn’t exactly what she means. It’s like when a man talks to a women. When he says “It will take too long to explain,” he is really saying “I have no idea how it works,” or when he says “I missed you” he is really saying “I can’t find…, please help and I’m hunger, what’s for dinner.” He knows exactly what he’s saying and believes he’s saying it as clear as day and is totally confused when you don’t get it.

 The real question is why do I keep going to my mom for advice? Why do I believe that she is the holder of the red phone? The one with a direct line to God. Why do I think she chats it up with God and knows what he has in store for me and is able to direct me to the path that will lead me to the life of “Happily Ever After?”  What I really need to do is  trust myself, my instincts, and stop going to Mom for advice when I already know the answer.  

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Feb 17, 2010