The Mind Is Truly Powerful

Just recently I've been going through a bit of depression, feeling as if there is no reason to lie to myself. Life sucks and the true reality of it is so devastating. It is not always that way however. Life is what you as an individual perceive it as and if no ways of changing such hopelessness thoughts, it will forever feel that way.

Without thinking of the opportunities and possibilities of life, or even the simple, enjoyable things, we can easily lose our sense of direction. Sometimes we need a reminder that life isn't always what we want it to be. It is not predictable, but our actions will lead to the results of what comes next.

The mind depicts the series of events and cooperates with emotions to show you an important message. Messages of death, neglect, loneliness and much more are shown. Weakness, conflict, sadness, and many kinds of negative energy. But does it not also show you the messages of happiness for once or perhaps a radiant smile? Strength, courage, love, and many other great things can be seen in the world.

It may not make sense now. It surely doesn't make sense to me either. The words typed here, I can't quite comprehend, but I've known that there's been an inner strength inside of us all. We just need to see what our mind is truly showing us. We need to know that what we do and feel has an impact. It doesn't matter how large but how meaningful it is.

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Jan 6, 2013