Soon, Because I'm Losing Hope......

~ Goddess, I hope he's out there, somewhere..... anywhere? I am losing hope slowly over time. Wondering if he passed me by. If maybe no matter what I do, he won't be here when I need him. I NEED him now. I need someone to be here NOW. Yes, I'm strong, & I'm learning to hold my own & like myself but I can't do it alone & frankly I'm a little PISSED that I'm having to. I have been a sweet woman most of my life. I try to treat everyone with the same respect & kindness I'd like to treated with. I have ALWAYS put my loved ones feelings before my own. Why can't I have that for me? Why am I made to wait & wait & wait............WTF! ~

I'm sorry. There is this big bubble of anger inside me. Need to take a break.... May add to the story if or when I calm down a bit..... =[

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2 Responses Mar 17, 2009

u should probably meet a lot of people every day,,,dunno if your way of life or ur job allows that but it would help..cause this is a good way to find someone that completes u some day..trst me.I have the same kinda problem..but u shouldnt think bout it all the time.just try not thinkin bout it and ive ur life,be sociable.U ll come to meet someone.or tell a friend to introduce u someone..

youll find him its not time yet!