Sometimes I feel uncomfortable in life, it's like I have this passion in life but I don't yet know what it is. Does that make sense? I am a recovered alcoholic/addict with 20 yrs sober and I share my experience strength and hope as much as I can (for free of course) and I compete in a recreational sport seasonally and have created a biz around the sport but due to money that may be ending, do I'm in a real funk now... Not knowing what to do. I still find myself "stuck" and not knowing what to do. On a work level, I've been working these stupid jobs I hate just to pay bills but I feel I am wasting time cause it's not Gods plan (end plan) for me so it's a "sign" I need to stop working those jobs and do something else, something I LOVE. UHG. So frustrating!! Please pray for me! Thanks!
StuckSki StuckSki
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That realization dawns on people sooner or later ur not alone.
Introspection helps. Thing is in this day and age life moves so fast people dont find time to really think about what they really want. Dont worry though, have faith and keep trying :)

Thank you. I have Faith. I trust that God will reveal to me in least just for today. Tomorrow I may feel different. I need to remind myself I am a mother and that in itself is a very important job. My daughter is more Faithful than I am, so I have done something right there. :)