Fear & Trust

I find it very difficult to find the balance between fear and trust..... I mean I have a past and people were not always the most trustworthy and they hurt me in various ways, and I know trust is the basis of a loving relationship, but sometimes through all youve been through it is so hard to just relinquish all fear. I would think that if that person truly loved you they would understand that a balance between trust and fear needs to be established so that the relationship could thrive to a place of all trust.. I dont know I just know its really hard for me to trust people and the one person I truly loved wanted nothing more then for me to trust him & I was trying to / working on it very much... but it doesnt happen overnight when youve been damaged, shouldnt they understand this? I mean I admit I was not able to find the balance between fear and trust as i had much more fear ... I let it overcome and overwhelm me, but the fact that you were pushing for trust so much made it scary. I needed time and an environment where I could feel safe having some fear and feel safe as I developed trust....
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1 Response May 15, 2012

People who push for trust are the ones who are hiding the most