It All Took Two

Looking back now it all seems so clear
All the wrongs we did, year after year
You blamed me and I looked at you
Pointing angry fingers each with their own view

It was not just me, it was not just all took two

We tried to run, we tripped, and sometimes we fell
We tried to talk, we fought, we cried, and some days we yelled
You walking away, I fought just to stay
I stood my ground, you began to fray

It was not just me, it was not just all took two

Some days I tried, some days you did too
Trying all we could, just to maintain
Trying all we could, not to go insane
Spirits broken down, smiles turned to frowns

It was not just me, it was not just all took two

So here we are, beat and bruised
Nothing more to lose, this marriage abused
Souls barren and cold, hearts broken and misused
I looked to you, you looked away, nothing more to say

It was not just me, it was not just all took two

Exhausted and grief stricken, day to day tensions thicken
What will tomorrow bring, will it be the same thing
Who will be strong, who will hold on
Might be you or it could be me
Maybe neither can really see why it should still be

It all takes two, not just you, not just me
So here we are, each sad and scared, lost all we shared
Lost and alone, living in the same home, all our chances blown
Tears wiped away, affections sway, choices to weigh
Looks like we're done, emotions run, and still we stay

It was not just me, it was not just you...all of this took us two...

soulrunher soulrunher
46-50, F
7 Responses Jan 17, 2013

Sad; but something so many of us can relate to. Somewhere along the journey we grew apart, and the gulf has just become too wide. Yet we chose to look at each other across the great divide; rather than just walking away.
Thank you for sharing such an intimate part of yourself with us, in such a touching way.

Thank you so much for reading and commenting.

So touching!!

Thanks T, Im so glad you are visiting! :)

I shall visit more of your stories mother!

LOL...ok sweety, I will get the milk and cookies....

Chocolate chip please :)

You got it!

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Hugs, babe. This is both sad and beautiful.

Thanks for reading. :)

Of course.

Just like a good kiss, it takes two.

now THIS is a "wow"
You have really captured the sadness, emptiness, anger, frustration and loss. Devastation of a marriage so eloquently written and painfully experienced.

Aww, you are so sweet, thanks for reading.

Wow! So well written Soul. And so sad.


Rated up.

Aww, thanks, so sweet of you to read! :)