Bigger Problems... But Here It Is

I know there are bigger issues in life and i should not be complaining but here it is...
My dad owns is own business and my mom has always been in the restaurant business and I had always attended "friends" private schools and have been doing community service since i was 5. I have raised 6 dogs for the blind and the disabled. I have also been involved in numerous community service organizations and clubs. We were an average middle class family.
I had a good life till i was about 11 or 12. My dad left my mom and I and went to go live with his girlfriend and i did not reconnect with with him till i was about 16. In order for my mom to get money from my dad after the split (because they had a common law marriage) she had to invest the money. I truly did not understand this even to this day. Anyway, we bought a store, and moved to a different town, that unbeknown to us the building was falling apart and a tree was growing underneath and came up under the floor of the kitchen (even though the banks`s inspector had approved the place). That same year I had broken my growth plate on the top of my foot and since i had the worst doctor, refracted it. Unfortunately, we had to file for bankruptcy. Through all of this i wanted to attend a private school to enhance my education since my dad sent me to public school in 6th grade but both sides of my family had refused to chip into the $5,000 I needed, I had already gotten scholarships and this was left over to pay. So in 9th grade we moved to a 1 bedroom apartment in town were i attended a local public school. Disappointed, I lifted up my chin and finished out high school with honors and involved in many clubs while continuing my community service. That summer my doctor told me i had an under active thyroid and i started to gain weight. I am now 30 pounds heavier but am starting to get it under control and will hopefully be able to start loosing weight soon. I am now in college (with all scholarships) where my mom is home with a broken car and living with a friend and working her butt off. It is extremely hard for me to not to be able to come home to a stable home for the holidays.
I am thankful for the family i have left, having a roof over our heads, and for the great family-friends that have come together to help my mom and i survive as well as to make me the person i am today.
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U and ur family have been tested!! And from wot I've read u have passed with flying colours. We always use the old "wot goes around, comes around" wen someone does something wrong against us...but it also goes for u...good things will happen to u because you have taken all the crap and maintained dignity, respect and love for those around you, a community spirit, compassion for people and an understanding that no matter how bad u have it, there are always many MANY people worse off than u. I don't know how much u are appreciated by the people around u but ur an inspiration to people that read ur plight and no matter wot, u have the moral high ground...stay strong, relief will come in the shape of a career that u can b proud of thanks to your determined approach to education, a job with a salary that will keep u comfortable and maybe even support making sure ur mother is ok too, a pack of friends u can lean on because ur attitude is more attractive to others than u know..and eventually your own family...The big prize!! All this is inevitable, so don't fight it.. Just do wot u do and you will see. Take care!!

what words of wisdom. thank you for the kind thoughts.