Help......i Don't Know How To Get Out.

OK, I hope somebody can help me or at least give me some advice. My story is not quite as bad as anybody else but It it a predicament I can't seem to get out of or even know where to begin.....actually let's start from the beginning . I was 19 and a total pot head I had just recently graduated from high school and was working as a cashier at a local Walmart. I screwed up really bad and tried to steal some beer..actually sneak it through my line, but i got caught and I was fined and fired. I got the fine taken care of but not having this job made me take out a loan from my bank for rent but I ended up moving to Colorado and staying with a friend. that didn't last long so I moved back to Texas with a friend I recently graduated with and she let me live with her for like 3 months then I eventually moved in with my parents witch was a HORRIBLE Idea. anyways I never payed the loan back and it was like 600 dollars and also my parents didn't help me do my taxes so now I am behind on those as well. here it is almost 3 years later and I still owe the loan and I still haven't filed my taxes. to top that off I was hospitalized for a little bit but now I owe the hospitals like 2000 dollars. I'm buying a car tomorrow because I am a soon to be father. I recently got married in October of 2012 and I rent my own apartment. I have given up cigarettes and weed and alcohol I ride my bike everyday and work out allot so I'm in good health mentally and physically, nothing to do with the problem just letting you know I'm finally straight morally but I still don't know how to fix these past mistakes. I have some of my w2 forms from my past jobs but I'm not sure if I have them all, being a ex pot head and all I forgot where all I have worked. and I don't know witch is more important to fix first my loan is the oldest problem then the taxes then the hospital bills but Im not sure were to start. sorry if I'm a little confusing I just REALLY need some advise I want to get it taken care of before my child is born. By the way I'm 21 and I work a min wage job so a budget is kinda hard to set. Please I REALLY NEED HELP.
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Getting in to more loans is trouble..I was a loan officer. School is a good investment but you dont have the time nor the money to do so. I suggest doing a free tax service, go to your local library they can refer you to free websites to do your back taxes. You will have to sit down and read the instutions on your own. Next get a free FULL credit report..there you can see who you owe contact them and settle with them. Settling w a company will only getyy them off your back but will still hurt your credit. You might not see medical bills apperently those dont hurt you credit score.

I suggest you return back to school. To get a higher paying job, If you quailfy for PEL your tution and books will be paid for, and you can look for grants this will help you also with living expenses. You will have a hard time getting a good paying job without a degree. The hospital will take 5-10 a month for payment, and sometimes the hospital has indigent forms you can fill out, so your bill can be takened off, or reduced.The loan I suggest you call them and make out some kind of payment plan.I think getting off the pot and booze is very commendable. I hope you succeed. Goodluck.