Lost Way In Life With No Focus

Wen we are kids, we know exactly what we want to be possibly because we are in touch with our inner selves. The story changes wen we grow up. the world we live in forces us to take several decision and we end up becoming a completely different person we had thought we would be.

Today, i don't know what i want in life, I'm merely floating in the ocean of life aimlessly. I know i need to desperately focus n myself but I'm not able to.

My family with whom i was the most attached to in my childhood has become very distant to me now. I hurt them with my decisions. Had many heart breaks but could got over each of them. However, i still cant do justice with the person i intend to marry with. I know I'm spoiling thee essence of a beautiful relationship by my obnoxious behavior. Still stuck in the 3rd yr of graduation and not sure when I plan to finish it. Worked for about 4yrs now but not satisfied with it at all but it does provide me money for living. Battling health issues so badly that I've lost the count since when. I've Lost way in life with no focus remaining.

I know there could be people who are suffering more than me and yet achieve great heights. I know I can change the dis-satisfaction and all the strained relationships in my life. I know I want to do so but I don't know how to do that.

Seeking path to create miracle in my life and my loved ones...

Hoping with Grace of Almighty I'll get help to create this MIRACLE. FOCUS WITHIN FOR THE KINGDOM OF LORD IS WITHIN YOU

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1 Response Oct 7, 2009

Good luck ^.x What do you want to do? Do it.