Will I Be Able To Forget ?

How can I let go of him when I see him every single ******* day ? We sit right next to each other in every single ******* class. I need to stop making illusions of him wanting me and hinting because it is just my mind that makes me think that. He doesn't do anything. He said he was my brother but he just turns around and proves meh wrong he was just another 2faced friend . But idk how I let him blind me. I thought he liked me more than a friend but I was wrong . Now I have to let him go because I realized he doesn't give a **** bout meh. But how ? When I dream of him . I wake up every morning and think of him . I go to bed and think of him . And when I wake up in the morning to get ready for school all I think about is how he would see me . When I see him I try to be the most amazing girl ever and try not to bore him. How will I be able to let go when he was never even mine ?
Diary01 Diary01
13-15, F
Jan 14, 2013